Metalografia i materiałografia. Badania twardości. Spektrometry XRF i LIBS.


We are aware that the value of our offer is more than just products, included in its composition but also people autor our company. That is why we make every effort to employ competent and professional, that are trusted advisors to our clients, able to meet the expectations of customers towards solutions in the field of material analysis laboratory work and quality control.

In order to provide services at the highest level, we want our customers informed us about all this which raises their doubts in their use by our company. We would appreciate any suggestions from your side, which can contribute to improving the quality of service to our customers.

Career development

Taking care of the reputation and growth of our company we also care about our employees' professional development. They testify to the values ​​that are our motto. Reliability, professionalism and support of our customers are the values ​​that we adhere to. Therefore, we make sure our employees to create the best conditions to work and support them in the implementation of ideas going in the direction of the customer.



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