Test methods and load application

eindringkoerper_vickersVickers - DIN EN ISO 6507, ASTM E-384
HV0.001 HV0.002 HV0.005 HV0.01 HV0.02 HV0.025 HV0.05
HV0.1 HV0.2 HV0.3 HV0.5 HV1 HV2 HV3
HV5 HV10 HV20 HV30 HV50    

eindringkoerper_vickersKnoop - DIN EN ISO 4545, ASTM E-384

HK0.01 HK0.02 HK0.025 HK0.05 HK0.1 HK0.2 HK0.3
HK0.5 HK1 HK2        

eindringkoerper_brinellBrinell - DIN EN ISO 6506, ASTM E-10

1/1 1/2.5 1/5 1/10 1/30 2,5/31,25 2,5/62,5 5/62,5*

*) > 30 HBW

Integrated conversions:
DIN EN ISO 18265, DIN EN ISO 50150, ASTM E-140


Exact positioning and large test room

The sophisticated construction in enodised aluminium offers a big and well-arranged test room. The fully automatic XY-slide with highprecision optic path measurement system can be equipped i.e. with an 8-fold sample holder. Beyond that customer specific magazines can be managed and created in the software.



Dynamic height adjustment

The electronic movement control allows a quick, accurate and sensitive movement of the nose cone. Forceless, sharply and collision-proof positioning above the rotation-angle (0.01 up to 20 mm/s). An additional Z-axis makes this helpful function possible.


IPC-technique /
Penetrator turnable

IPC - Indenter parallel to Contour
The operator can adapt the penetrator to the respective contour. Alternatively manually or fully automatic. Based on this new development different material layers can be tested reasonable and precise.



2D/3D Plane hardness chart

Hardness distribution across partial segments or whole planes of test samples. Colourized representation in 2D and perspectively free twistable 3D on sample image. More info ›

Supported test methods and conversions


elektronische lastaufbringung 300px

Electronically controlled loads secure a quick and precise hardness testing as well as quick method change (maintenance free) and automatic recognition of the focus layer.


6-fold measurement turret

The 6-fold measurement turret is standard with all models and offers space for different test methods. For example it can be equipped with 3 different magnification lenses and the corresponding penetrators for Vickers, Knoop or Brinell.


Contour scan

Selectively the total or partial segments of a contour are delineated high-precision by means of the lens and are deposit in the program. After that the test points can be programmed in a certain number or distance corresponding to the edge. Hardness testing will be fully automatic based to this programming.


IPC-technique /
Penetrator turnable

For the first time in hardness testing the penetrator adapts itself fully automatic parallel to the contour during the test cycle.





Edge recognition

Fine adjustment with the automatic edge detection.

The variants

mikro haertepruefer varianten 920px


  logo_q10_m logo_q10_a logo_q10_aplus logo_q30_m logo_q30_a logo_q30_aplus logo q60 m logo q60 a logo q60 aplus
Test load range
with test load extension
50 g - 10 kg  (0.49 - 98.1 N)
1 g - 10 kg (0.0098 - 98.1 N)
100 g - 31.25 kg (0,98 - 306.6 N)
1 g - 31.25 kg (0,0098 - 306.6 N)
200 g - 62.5 kg (1,96 - 613.1 N)
1 g - 62.5 kg (0,0098 - 613.1 N)
Turret 6-fold, motor-driven
Software logo_qpix_t12 logo_qpix_control logo_qpix_t12 logo_qpix_control logo_qpix_t12 logo_qpix_control
Sample image camera - - Ja - - Ja - - Ja
Test anvil / Cross slide Ø 100 mm motoric Ø 100 mm motoric Ø 100 mm motoric
Traverse path X/Y/Z Z 145 mm X 150 / Y 150 / Z 145 mm Z 145 mm X 150 / Y 150 / Z 145 mm Z 145 mm X 150 / Y 150 / Z 145 mm
Data interface 3x USB, 1x Ethernet (1x RS232 M-variant)
Weight of basic machine 52 kg 58 kg 52 kg 58 kg 52 kg 58 kg
Max. work piece weight 50 kg
Power supply 230~1/N/PE, 110~1/N/PE
Max. power consumption ~ 360 W
Accessories and options
General Lenses (2.5x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 65x, 100x), Penetrators (Vickers, Knoop, Brinell)
Sample holder 1-fold, 4-fold (Ø 30 / 40 / 50 mm), 8-fold (Ø 30 / 40 mm)
Cross anvil manuel* X 300 x Y 150 mm manuel* X 300 x Y 150 mm manuel* X 300 x Y 150 mm

*) Dimensions 150 x 150mm Traverse path X 25 x Y 25 via analogue or digital installation micrometer

Flexible, customers specific and affordable.

We offer the very best solutions for your testing needs - from extended test area and Big high-precision XY-test slide with glas scales to customer specific portal solution. A portal solution offers superior large traverse paths and opens new possibilities in micro-/low-load-hardness testing.



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