Metalografia i materiałografia. Badania twardości. Spektrometry XRF i LIBS.

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The COMPACT Eco, MAXXI Eco and MAXXI 5 are universal instruments for coating thickness measurement and material analysis, offering the best price-performance ratio available today.
Based on X-ray fluorescence technology (XRF) the Eco series and the MAXXI 5 work in a non-destructive manner, analysing solids and liquids over a wide element range of 22Ti to 92U in the periodic table. They differ in chamber size.












Benefits of COMPACT Eco and MAXXI Eco

  • Ease of use
  • Analysis in seconds
  • Accurate analysis of single and multiple layers for quality assurance and process control
  • Analysis of metal ion content for optimum plating bath control
  • Non-destructive measurement with X-ray fluorescence
  • Best price-performance ratio in the market
  • Optional: XYZ table
  • Industries: electronics, jewellery, metalworking

 The right range of products for your analytical requirements

Our coating thickness measurement instruments are based on X-ray fluorescence, which is a widely used and proven analytical technique offering easy to use, fast, non-destructive analysis with no sample preparation. Analysing solids
and liquids over a wide element range of 22Ti to 92U in the periodic table.


  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Ease of use
  • High reliability for 24/7 operation
  • Fast customer service response time

The Eco series offers the best price-performance ratio available today, MAXXI 5 is ideal for users who demand the highest measuring precision with versatility.

Optimised X-ray geometry within the sample chamber allows the use of small collimators, ensuring measurements are always of the highest accuracy and the best precision.

Non-destructive measurement in only a few seconds

  • Single or multi-layer analysis for quality assurance and process control
  • Quantitative analysis of alloy composition
  • Metal ion content for optimum plating bath control

Options for MAXXI 5

  • For best results regardless of sample size: Automatic multiple collimators with programmable X-ray tube current
  • For automated and batch measurement: Software-controlled XYZ table and analysis head movement for the greatest flexibility



Electrical and electronic components
Increase productivity with better process control

  • Component reliability assurance

      - Solder alloy composition and thickness measurement

  • Lifetime product assurance through optimised quality control

For example:
      - Analysis of gold and palladium thickness of electrical contacts
      - Coating thickness of NiP layer on computer hard discs


Top layer:
Au (gold) coating thickness
Second layer: Pd (palladium)
coating thickness Third layer:
Ni (nickel) coating thickness
Fourth layer: Substrate

Metal Finishing

Metal Finishing

Minimise production cost of the plating process and maximise production output

  • Speed and simplicity of analysis

      - Single or multi elements coating thickness analysis and coating composition
      - Analysis of up to 4 layers
      - Plating bath analysis

Metal Alloy

Assay and ID

Metal alloy composition and identification
Rapid, non-destructive analysis of jewellery and other alloys

  • Precious metal alloy assay
  • Karat analysis
  • Material identification



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