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Micracut 151 - precision metallographic cutter

Micracut 151Precision cutter, with digital display, 100 W powerful DC cutting motor, variable speed 50-1000 rpm, with digital micrometer cross feed for specimen positioning, counterbalanced sliding weight system, removable cooling unit,  automatic cut-off switch, for cutting discs of up to 150 mm. diameter and ready for operation.

Includes a standard set of cutting consumables composed of; 1 pc. Diamond cutting Disc 150 mm dia, 1 lt of Metcool II cooling fluid







Model Micracut 151
Disc Dia., (mm) 150
Cutting Method Gravity Feed
Power, (Watt) 100
Disc Speed, (rpm) 50-1000
Dimensions, W+(mic.)xDxH, (cm) 51 x 43 x 34
Weight, (kgs) 28
Voltage 1 ph, 230V, 50Hz. AC


Accessories for MICRACUT 151 
GR 0212 Cutting Table Attachment for manual cutting of extra flat specimens and PCB 's
GR 0409 Dressing Unit for MICRACUT 151
Specimen Vises for MICRACUT 151 
GR 0400 Universal Specimen Vise for MICRACUT 151
GR 0401 Specimen vise with double parallel vice for long specimens.
GR 0402 Specimen vise for round and mounted specimens, ø 32mm.
GR 0403 Specimen vise for irregular shaped specimens.
GR 0404 Specimen vise for adhering specimens.
GR 0405 Specimen vise for biomedical samples.
GR 0430 Specimen vise (teardrop shape) for specimens 18-40mm.
GR 0431 Specimen vise (teardrop shape) for specimens 5-20mm.
GR 0434 Specimen vise for round cylindrical specimens (max. Up to 40 mm dia) .
GR 0406 Swivel arm unit for angular cutting.
GR 0453  Fastener vise for longitudinal sectioning of screws, fasteners, tubes, etc. from 12 to 45 mm. in length
Optional Flange Sets for MICRACUT 151 
GR 0410 Set of Flanges, ø75 mm suitable for 12,7 mm. Arbor dia. 


Abrasive Cut-off Wheels for Precision Cutting (Pack of 10)    
18-150 Ø 150 mm, for Non-Ferrous, Stainless steels  
18-151 Ø 150 mm, for medium and hardened steels  
Diamond Cutting Discs (1pc) for Precision Cutting  
19-150 Ø 150 Diamond Cut-off wheels  (Metal Bonded, med. conc.)  
19-157 Ø 150 Diamond Cut-off wheels  (Metal Bonded, high conc.)  
19-151 Ø 150 Diamond Cut-off wheels  (Resin Bonded)  
CBN Cutting Discs (1pc) for Precision Cutting  
19-152 ø 150 CBN Cut-off wheels  (Resin Bonded)  
Cutting Fluid  
19-903 Oil for precision cuttint, 1 lt.   
19-904 Oil for precision cutting Soluble Oil, 5 lt.  




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