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FORCIMAT-TS - Semi-automatic specimen mover for mineralogical samples

FRCMT-webAutomatic Specimen Mover for the preparation of mineralogical specimens, Microprocessor controlled, pneumatically adjustable  individual force   loading   system, upto 6 specimens,  100 Watt DC motor, low rotational speed of 35 rpm, front panel with touch pad controls, audible warning signal, steel mounting columnn.  Complete and ready for operation.








Motor Power [Watt] 100
Head Speed [rpm] 35
Sample Capacity 1 - 6
Dimensions [mm] 230 x 430 x 250
Weight [kg] 16


Additional Accessories for FORCIMAT
GR 0440 Air filtering and lubricating unit
GR 0874 DOSIONE Peristaltic Fluid Dispenser
Specimen Holders  for FORCIMAT
33 09 FORCIMAT specimen mover, 3 x ø 60 mm
33 01 FORCIMAT specimen holder, 6 x ø 40 mm
33 02 Set of insert rings for 30 mm
33 03 Set of insert rings for 25 mm or 1"
33 10 LAP-TS  special specimen holder with Boron Carbide stops for lapping of thin sections, 60 mm. Dia..
33 11 POL-TS  special specimen holder for polishing of thin sections, 60 mm. Dia.



Manufacturer:  Metkon Instruments Ltd.  metkon logo


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