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Ecopress 50 - Semi-automatic hot mounting metallographic press

Ecopress 50 - Prasa do inkludowania na gorąco. Metalografia.Automatic Mounting Press with one cylinder, Fully automatic operation with microprocessor controls, electro hydraulic pressure (requires no air), with touch pad front panel controls and digital display of heating time, moulding temperature, cooling temperature, ram up/down, auto/manual cooling, cycle start/stop, last parameter settings retained in the memory, with direct reading pressure gage, moulding pressure upto 300 bar, temperature upto 200 ºC, operation time upto 59:99 minutes, short cycle time, thermostatically controlled heating power of 1250W, automatic cooling cycle,  selectable mould sizes  from 25 mm to 50 mm, audible warning  signal, ready for operation.
Includes a standard set of mounting consumables composed of 3 different hot mounting compounds; 1 kg of each and a total of 3 kg.




Number of moulds 1
Max. Pressure, (bar) 300
Max. Temperature (ºC) 200
Heating Power (W) 1250
Water cooling Yes
Operation Automatic / Electrohydraulic
Display Digital Display
Mould Assembly (mm) 25-50


Mould Assemblies for ECOPRESS
26 01-02 Mould assembly, 1" with intermediate ram
26 02-02 Mould assembly, 1 1/4" with intermediate ram
26 03-02 Mould assembly, 1 1/2" with intermediate ram
26 07-02 Mould assembly, 2" with intermediate ram
26 04-02 Mould assembly, 25mm with intermediate ram
26 05-02 Mould assembly, 30mm with intermediate ram
26 06-02 Mould assembly, 40mm with intermediate ram
26 08-02 Mould assembly, 50mm with intermediate ram


Accesories for ECOPRESS
GR 1363 Recirculation Coolant System, 40 lt. stainelss steel cooling tank
GR 0937 Cabinet for floor model, Ecopress


Hot mounting resins 
BAK-B 29-001 Black Phenolic Powder, 1 kg  
BAK-B 29-001/10 Black Phenolic Powder, 10 kg  
BAK-R 29-002 Red Phenolic Powder, 1 kg  
BAK-R 29-002/10 Black Phenolic Powder, 10 kg  
BAK-S 29-003 Light Brown Phenolic Powder, 1kg  
BAK-S 29-003/10 Light Brown Phenolic Powder, 10 kg  
NET 29-010 Transparent Acrylic Powder, 1 kg  
EPO 29-011 Epoxy, Hard Powder, 1 kg  
DAP 29-012 Diallyphtalat Powder1 kg  
CON 29-013 Conductive Backalite Powder, 0.5 kg  



Manufacturer:  Metkon Instruments Ltd.  metkon logo


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