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Spectral 350-2

SPECTRAL 350Dual Disc Surface Grinder for spectroscopic sample preparation of steels and irons, coarse and fine grinding possible on two seperate discs of 350 mm dia. which are dynamically balanced, two individual driving motors(2,2 kW each)  with 2800 rpm, suction created by special design retaining the abrasive paper on the disk(no need to glue or fix), discs covered halfway by lids allowing grinding only on a segment, dedusting system with spark trap and easily replacable filters, with interlocking safety switch not allowing the top cover being opened before the motors are stopped, ergonomically designed and ready for operation.(wooden packing included) 400V, 3-phase, 50 Hz..






ModelSPECTRAL 350-2
No. Of Stations 2
Disc Dia., mm 350
Disc Speed, (rpm) 2800
Motor Power, kW 2 x 2,2
Dust exauster Yes
Paper Adjustment Vacuum
Dimensions WxDxH (cm) 110 x 60 x 95
Weight (kgs) 205


Sample Holders and Spare Parts
GR 1804   Sample Holder for round specimens, Magnetic type.
GR 1805   Sample Holder for round specimens, Mechanical type.
GR 1850   Recommended Set of Spare Parts, SPC 350


Grinding Disks
DEMPAX-S 37-065-060-22 Ø350 Disc, P 60 Grit, Corundum, general use, soft medium-hard materials
DEMPAX-SZ 36-065-060-22 Ø350 Disc, P 60 Grit, Zirconium oxide, long life time, hard materials

Manufacturer:  Metkon Instruments Ltd.  metkon logo


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