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BELEC Compact Port HLC - Portable benchtop OE spectrometer

CP 1The Belec Compact Port HLC is the World's only Portable Hybrid Spectrometer for Metal Analysis For perfect Analysis of Carbon combined with Best and Unique Flexibility and latest 6GSO-System.What has only be known from huge laboratory spectrometers, now comes true also in our latest portable spectrometer generation.Belec engineers have again developed a unique solution - the hybrid-double-spectrometer inside the new Belec Compact Port HLC.Flexibility combined with best possible precision: By using the latest digital detectors (CCD) which cover the entire spectral range for consequent line selection without compromises, plus high performing Photomultipliers for selected elements like Carbon that guarantee lowest detection limits and unattained performance.


  • high performance ability due to the latest 6GSO System (6th Generation Spectrometer Optic System)
  • latest state-of-the-art detectors, developed for spectroscopy application
  • easy handling
  • mobility by trolley
  • easy transportation
  • user friendly Software Belec Win 21
  • analysis of C, P & S with Argon Probe
  • analysis of Nitrogen in Duplex steels, optional
  • quick mix-up checking with Air Sparking Probe
  • high accuracies (C < 0.01%)
  • connectable Measuring Stand
  • adapters for almost all kinds of sample shapes and sizes available
  • installation and instruction by qualified Belec personnel


CP 4CP 2The Belec Compact Port HLC spectrometer offers a variety of application possibilities. Whether it is used for measurings in production areas, on pipes in construction sites or on scrap yards - moving from one application to another is no problem for the instrument with its heat-stabilised climatic chamber. Furthermore, only one person is needed for transport and operation of the equipment.

High-precision Analysis and quick Mix-Up Check

CP 3CP 7Every type of probes is especially designed for an appropriate use. For each analysis assignment you have the most suitable equipment at your disposal. Your high-precision analytical apparatus can be converted into a quick mix-up checking instrument in no time.Together with a device for an argon bottle, storage for samples or grinder, the spectrometer turns into a mobile laboratory on an adequate trolley. Due to the ergonomically designed construction a comfortable operation of the equipment is granted.



  • Spectrometer in Paschen-Runge mounting, using the latest 6GSO-System (6th Generation Spectrometer Optic System)
  • Rowland circle diameter 300 mm
  • Usable wavelengths 145-410 nm
  • Zeiss-Grating with 3600 lines/mm
  • Reciprocal dispersion 0.9 nm/mm (1st order)
  • Shock resistance
  • Temperature stabilized detectors with wavelength depending configured entrance window (US-licensed)
  • High-speed photomultipliers for perfect carbon analysis and determination of h-and l-alloyed steels
  • Integrated noise compensation

Sparking Probes

  • Argon-flushed sparking probe for exact analysis, including C, P, and S. N optional
  • Argon flow 0.1 l / min in standby and 2.5 l / min during analysis
  • Argon control on probe plug, independent from instrument
  • Air probe for quick mix-up checking
  • Adapters for wires, pipes and small parts available for all probes
  • Lightweight shockproof plastic probe housing
  • Start and clear buttons easily hand-operated
  • Signal on mix-up identification: visual display for “repeat” and “reject”, start button is blocked until confirm button is pressed
  • Multi fibre quartz optics, standard lengths 3m to 8m, optional
  • Low-wear tungsten electrode
  • Silver electrode for air probe
  • Probe connector system
  • adapters available for different sample types as wires, tubes or small parts
  • customized adapters on demand


  • Sparking generator with maximum 400 Hz frequency
  • Unipolar discharge
  • Separate parameter for pre-sparking and integration selectable via software
  • Ignition frequency program specifically selectable via software
  • Discharge parameters specifically selectable via software
  • Arc source for air probe, optional
  • Ignition voltage 20 kV


  • Temperature stabilization, at 0.1°C exact
  • Separate AD- converter board for each detector, mounted on multi channel board, coupled by high-speed USB port
  • Integrated noise suppression
  • integrated background compensation
  • Unlimited numbers of measuring channels, configurable for several bases


  • Width 16.5 in. (420 mm)
  • Height 7.9 in. (200 mm)
  • Depth 19.3 in. (490 mm)


  • Analysis unit 37.5 lbs. (17,00 kg)
  • Argon Probe 2.9 lbs. (1,30 kg)
  • Argon Probe UV 3.9 lbs (1,75 kg)
  • Air Probe 1.8 lbs. (0,80 kg)

* handheld weight

Power Supply

  • 230V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • 100W in stand-by mode
  • 600W during analysis

Computer Hardware

  • System-integrated industrial computer system
  • Intel® Atom™ Processor N270 (1.60 GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM (max. 2 GB)
  • 2.5” hard disk 60 GB minimum
  • 10.4” TFT colour display
  • Touch screen
  • Special dust and moisture protected keyboard integrated in hinged lid
  • 3 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Ethernet interface

Belec WIN 21 Analysis and Quality Control Program


  • Arbitrary operating system, e.g. Windows 7
  • Remote-Service-System
  • Display of analysis values at each measurement
  • As many analysis programs to customer specifications as required
  • Individual analysis parameters for each program
  • Automatic Program Finding (APF)
  • Analysis computation with: background correction, curve position correction, additive and multiplicative inter-element correction
  • Automatic correction with standard types
  • Easy and simultaneous recalibration of several programs
  • Extended recalibration cycles by usage of MCDC (Multi Channel Drift Correction)
  • Mix-up checking by comparison with reference measurement
  • Grade Test by comparison with grade ranges
  • Type calibration and type measurement
  • Tolerances for every analysis program and element in absolute and relative weight percentages, individually adjustable
  • Average and standard deviation from chosen measurements
  • Warning signal, when calibration curve is exceeded
  • Automatic reminder of regular recalibration
  • Automatic display of grade name or material number
  • alloy data bank, 100.000 grades and more storable (only limited by computer storage capacity)
  • Text size on monitor variable for optimum legibility
  • Protocol storage function
  • Report memory function for later analysis, printing and archiving
  • Several statistic functions with graphical representation



Sparking Probes

Choose between three different types of sparking probes according to your needs. The special Belec probe connector permits a very fast exchange of the different probes. Therefore, the small instrument grants a high versatility.

CP Argon probe UV 4CP Argon probe 1At Belec we produce handy sparking probes which are convincing because of its high measuring accuracy. In addition to other elements, the carbon content can be exactly analysed. By using a special optical procedure, measurements lower than 0,1 %C can be attained with the same accuracy as those achieved by special carbon analyzers.


  • argon-flushed sparking probe
  • high measuring accuracy, incl. C
  • non-destructive testing
  • multi fibre quarz optics, 3m to 8m* length
  • special probe connector system
  • lightweight shockproof plasic probe housing
  • adequate adapters available

CP Argon probe UV 2CP Argon probe UV 1The Argon Probe UV allows the analysis of phosphorus and sulphur also with the Belec Compact Port HLC. The short wavelengths emitted by these elements can not be transmitted by an optical fibre, unlike carbon. Instead, a small spectrometer is built into the probe. At the same time, it keeps its easy and comfortable handling due to low weight.


  • air measurings
  • quick mix-up testing
  • multi fibre quarz optics, 3m to 8m* length
  • special probe connector system
  • lightweight shockproof plastic probe housing
  • visual signal on mix-up testing incl. confirmation button
  • adequate adapters available

CP Air probe 2CP Air probe 1The air probe comes into operation for quick mix-up checking. Inspection cycles of less than three seconds can be achieved, after which an approximate analysis and grade identification is displayed. If a mix is found, a visual and/or audible fault signal is generated, which must be confirmed by the operator.


  • air measurings
  • quick mix-up testing
  • multi fibre quarz optics, 3m to 8m* length
  • special probe connector system
  • lightweight shockproof plastic probe housing
  • visual signal on mix-up testing incl. confirmation button
  • adequate adapters available


CP Adapter wire 2CP Adapter wire 1The hoder for the wire adapter can easily be mounted on the head of the argon standard probe. Like this, the correspondant wire adapters are fixed and allow the analysis of wires with the sparking probe.

The set of wire adapters can be used for wires from Ø 2mm to Ø 12mm in intervals of 0,5mm.

CP Adapter tube 1CP Adapter tube 5CP Adapter tube 2Do you need a tube adapter for your applications?

We offer the complete set of tube adapters for standardised outer diameter. The 9-piece set of adapters can easily be transported in a small box and e. g. deposited on the trolley.

We also make single pieces and custom-made adapters.

Ask for it!


Software Belec Win 21

CP soft 1Versatility and Easy Operation

The Spectrometer Software with Experience - Our spectrometer Software Belec Win 21 convinces its users: easy to handle and always up-to-date. Steady developments through our software engineers always grant the best operation conditions.

Entry of Sample Desctiptions and Qualities

CP soft 2CP soft 3By direct choice of measuring programs, routine jobs become noticeably easier and can be performed in seconds. You can rapidly edit sample descriptions, save them automatically or can modify them for the next sample. The computer displays the analysis values in no time. The average value is calculated at the push of a button and the material name is determined automatically. Here, Belec Win 21 software has access to an integrated alloy data bank where more than 100,000 grades can be stored.

Options of Documentation

CP Soft 4Keep your records very easy at the touch of a button! The analysis values can be displayed, printed out or saved according to the norm. You have the possibility to generate analysis certificates and hold it in your hands within short time or save it in your local network via Ethernet connection.

Quick Mix-Up Checking

Special measuring programs for type measurements and quick mix-up checking, as e. g. quality testing, can be chosen. CP soft 5CP soft 6The accordance of the analysis results with the limits of a chosen quality is checked directly and clearly displayed.


CP Trolley 1Standard Trolley

  • non-collapsible
  • collapsible



CP Trolley 2CP Trolley 3Trolley with integrated accu system

  • front
  • back side

Manufacturer: Belec Spektrometrie Opto-Elektronik GmbH belec logo


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